How to Make a Lasting Power of Attorney


How to Make a Lasting Power of Attorney

make a lasting power of attorneyUnlike the old EPA, which was a simple 4 page document, the new lasting power of attorney is much more complicated including two separate sections and comprising around 28 pages.

As a result many solicitors are charging very high prices for LPAs with reports that some are charging upwards of £1000.

Despite the fact that the new document is more complicated and certainly much longer it should not put you off. It is still just as essential to make a lasting power of attorney!

It does not need to be expensive!

There are several ways you can make a lasting power and these are outlined below:-

  1. Use a solicitor. This can be very expensive and in the vast majority of cases is no necessary. You only need to use a solicitor if your affairs are very complicated.

  2. Make an LPA Online - Recommended. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to make an LPA. Online services will be suitable for 95% of people unless your affairs are very complicated. A decent online provider will have simple to use software and generally charge around £30. For more information see our LPA Online page or our Resources Page.
  1. Use the service of a qualified will-writer. This is a decent option for the middle price range. It will be cheaper than using a solicitor but more expensive than the online or DIY route.

  2. Use a DIY form. This is (probably) the cheapest way but one you should really avoid. DIY LPA forms cost around £10 - £12 but it is very easy to make a mistake so you are far better off paying a little extra for an online version. For further information see our DIY LPA page or our Resources page.